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API Manager Jan 2020 Released

Lots of new features including support for custom objects, and loading your own dlls and assemblies.

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Report Manager 6 Jan 2020 release

This release contains bug fixes, the next major release of the Report Designer.  The Report Designer is a WYSIWYG style report builder which currently supports pulling data from QlikSense and building Powerpoint, Excel, and PDF reports.

In addition this release has added support building reports from different QlikSense server instances at the same time.

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Report Manager Version 6.1.6200 Released

See release notes for full details but the major feature added was Qlik Sense Support which includes OnDemand as well as normal Report Manager abilities.

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Report Manager Version 6.1.6160 Released

Many new features since last blog post.  See Release notes for details.

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Report Manager Version 6.1.5990 Released

  • Added feature to allow the saving of QlikView state (field selections, variable settings etc).  Modified the task scheduler to allow a scheduled task to be executed with a previously saved QlikView State.  New Macro code method SaveCurrentSelections has been added to support that feature.
  • Bug fixes as always.
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