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Report Manager Version 6.1.5895 Released

Added the following new features:

  • Template tasks can now generate HTML from Powepoint or Excel output. This HTML can be easily placed into emails without any scripting.  Excel HTML generation now includes images if they exist on the sheet.  This was only available in QuickMerge tasks but is not also available in Template Report Tasks.
  • Attached Files in Group Tasks.  You can now store files (typically templates, powerpoint, excel, word files) with your group task.  This keeps everything together in one place for a report.  These attached files are automatically copied to the Group Task TEMP folder each time the group task or one of the group task children are executed.  Exporting a group task and importing it to another server also copied any attached files.
  • Dynamic Pivot Tables.  You can now dynamically update a pivot table without losing the selected filters, row, and column settings.