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Report Manager Version 6.1.5884 Released

Add a few new features:

• Auto Execute Folders – Added the ability for Report Manager to monitor NTFS folders where a given folder has been tied to a Report Manager Task. When a new file is created in the monitored folder the given Report Manager task is executed. The user name is derived from the File Owner. The Template file and filename are passed into the Report Manager task as Report Manager system variables. This allows for end users to create simple Excel and Powerpoint templates and simply drop them into a NTFS folder which will cause Report Manager to scoop them up and execute a given Report Manager task. When used with Dynamic Tags allows a user to self serve adding QlikView and Tableau data and images to their Powerpoint and Excel templates without any direct access to Report Manager.

• Added ability to override folder on xmlimport. By default tasks imported go into the folders they came from if that folder exists, otherwise they go into the default folder. With this override you can pick a folder on import and the tasks will go into thtat folder.

• Added support to Word tags in Word Text boxes. Also added to the API the ability to change word text boxes.

• Fixed issue with tags when cut and pasted into office were white letters and not visible on a white background. They are not black.